The Half-Light by A.D. Lombardo

Review by JB from an ARC provided by Henry Roi PR

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Rating: 5 out of 5.


About The Half-Light

Will Kai be able to unlock his potential—and can he handle the risks?

Prince Kai’s life was transformed the moment he witnessed the death of his mother—killed by a dragon in the palace garden right in front of him. After years of sheltered isolation, Kai is desperate to find his way in a changing world. So he sheds his royal detail by venturing out of the confines of Diu city alone.

When two people from his mother’s past come to test him, they discover Kai is more than he should be. The catalyst of bonding with a Nebean black wolf sparks an awakening in Kai—an awakening that should have been impossible. Now they must teach Kai how to control and hide his gifts, at the great risk of exposing their magical civilization to an unfriendly world.

Mentored by his cousin, the newly appointed Master General Cazier, and the spy Riome, Kai must find a way to navigate the challenges of being a teenager, the burdens of being a prince, and the secret of being a Half-Light.

My Review

I’m done with crime, horror is horrible, romance is impossible, science fiction is depressing, what’s left? I don’t have any kids to give me an excuse but if you’re tired of life like I am I’d recommend kids fiction. Fantasy fiction best of all. You don’t have to be a kid, anyway – we’ve all been kids sometime, so we’ve got the qualifications, and who doesn’t like a bit of escapism?

This is a great story where everything is possible. I love the main character. He’s a kid, a boy, early teens, which is a bit of a change because so much fantasy is girly stuff and a little bit sickly sweet, but he’s a great kid, finding himself, working out what he can do and it turns out that’s a lot. Rather more than he realised, actually. I love the relationship between him and his wolf-dog : respectful. Not so keen on the love interest stuff, but I like the peril he gets into and out of. I like the slow working out of who everyone is, and the uncovering of secrets.

Because it’s kids stuff I guessed some of the twists, but that was nice, made me feel like I wasn’t so stupid! And then again, I didn’t see all of them coming so it kept me on my toes. It’s an easy read but quite nice and long – a proper novel with enough characters to be interesting and some journeys. I love journeys. And dragons. I love dragons too.

Nothing I’d change about this book, it suited me perfectly and I’ll read it again and the sequels too if I get my hands on them. I guess that’s a five.

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